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got sports video?

Are you a coach...assistant...or parent involved with youth sports? Do you wish you could actually replay and "show" your players what they are doing well...and where they may need some improvement? Would it be to their benefit to have that video taken from a vantage point higher than your sideline seat?

Unless you have access to a nearby building rooftop...or a commercial blimp...or money is no object for you...there have traditionally been few practical options. Now, there is something new. Try score one! With score one's portable Tripod Extension Video System, you can take HD quality video of your players' next game from high above the field of play...and play it back with them in the convenience of your own home or clubhouse classroom...all at an affordable price!


The score one advantage...

  • An affordable option...less than half the cost of the competition's products
  • Portable...fits in the trunk of most cars
  • All components are battery powered / rechargeable...no need for a power source during use
  • Sets up and breaks down in about 5 minutes
  • Easy to operate...no expertise required
  • Wired remote control of camera for tilt, power ,and zoom
  • Live viewing by user via 7" HDMI monitor at eye-level
  • 7 heights to choose from 8 to 30 feet